Erica Andersen #CrueltyFreeChristmas Interview

Erica Andersen #CrueltyFreeChristmas Interview

Spread the Festive Chia and Go Cruelty Free This Christmas

New Zealand's nature-loving, vegan-friendly skincare gals, Goodness Natural Beauty Lab, are spreading the Christmas Chia and encouraging Aussie and Kiwi gals to choose a #CrueltyFreeChristmas this festive season.

It's sad to think that millions of cats, dogs, mice, rabbits and other animals continue to suffer in cosmetic testing labs for the sake of beauty and skincare, and Goodness says it's not cool, it's cruel!

There's been a whole bunch of stuff going on to ban animal testing around the world - thank freakin' goodness. Germany were first to the party and banned this nastiness in 1986 and by 2009 the entire European Union banned not only products from being tested on animals but also including the individual ingredients in products as well. How awesome is that!

Since then, Israel, India, Norway, New Zealand (Woo Hoo!), South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan and parts of Brazil have all banned cosmetic testingon animals. Australia has committed to banning all cosmetic animal testing, from final products down to individual ingredients, by July 2018 (thank goodness) and the US, well they're only -considering' a ban (boo!).

You're probably wondering at this point what you can do to save a bunny or two, right? With Aussies and Kiwis about to hit the shops or the interwebs to for some serious retail therapy for their gal-friends and loved ones this Christmas, there's never been a better time to choose to go #CrueltyFree.

That's why this Christmas Goodness are spreading their own Christmas Chia and encouraging shoppers and their social media gal-axy to come together and say no to animal testing by committing to a #CrueltyFreeChristmas by choosing #CrueltyFreeSkincare. It's simple!

Unsure if some of your favourite skincare or beauty essentials test on animals? There's a tonne of websites that name and shame brands that still test on animals, we're not gonna do it here though, and there's also websites, like, that help shoppers identify cruelty free brands.

So, do yourself, the bunnies, puppies, kittens, mice and the other totes adorable animals a favour this Christmas and give the gift of a #CrueltyFreeChristmas through #CrueltyFreeSkincare, cos #CrueltyFree gal-friends!

Goodness DON'T test their products on animals, that's BS! We're a bunch of nature-loving, vegan-friendly skincare peeps committed to making skincare from the goods Mother Nature gave us.

Goodness products are also plastic microbead free, we don't want that sh!t in our waterways, and our packaging is totally recyclable. It's a win for your face, the planet and all the furry creatures.

Stockist Details: Goodness products are stocked in leading retail outlets nationally as well as available online at In Australia you can find Goodness in Chemist Warehouse and in New Zealand at Farmers, Countdown, The Warehouse, Pack'n Save and New World.

Interview with Erica Andersen

Question: What are the main ingredients in Goodness Natural Beauty Lab products?

Erica Andersen: Our main ingredient included in all of our products as well as it's own stand-alone product is Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil. This super oil is packed with a mega omega boost of essential fatty acids making it super hydrating and nourishing and packing an anti-oxident punch to boot. All of our ingredients come from the goods Mother Nature gave us including avocado and coconut oils and aloe vera and hibiscus flower extract.

Question: Which product in the Goodness Natural Beauty Lab range is your favourite?

Erica Andersen: I honestly can't choose just one, but I can say three: Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil (RRP $19.95) and Break-up Make-up Balm (18.95). Both are incredible formulations. And of course Every Morning Moisturiser SPF15 (RRP $16.95). Such a lovely formulation for its price point! And it's protection performance is amazing. But if you really, really can only use one, then defo Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil. It's everything!

Question: How do you hope to encourage a Cruelty Free Christmas?

Erica Andersen: We're spreading the word that testing on animals isn't cool it's cruel. There's a lot going on out there to ban animal testing, New Zealand announced this week that they'll proceed with their ban in 2018 - WOO HOO! But we think that more could be done to let people know that what they're puting on their face might not come from such a nice place. We'll be activating our socials over the coming weeks with #CrueltyFreeChristmas messaging and we'll be encourage Goodness gals to do the same by committing to this Christmas being a cruelty free one by choosing #CrueltyFreeSkincare.

Question: Why is it important for Goodness Natural Beauty Lab to make Cruelty Free products?

Erica Andersen: At Goodness we're a bunch of nature-loving, vegan-friendly skincare peeps who are all about taking the goods Mother Nature gave us to make natural, vegan friendly skincare that's good for your face and the planet. That means no nastiness like animal testing on our products or their ingredients and we also steer clear of plastic microbeads or harsh chemicals and peroxides that reek havoc on our waterways.

Question: Why is Goodness Natural Beauty Lab, plastic microbead free?

Erica Andersen: Because plastic microbeads are tiny balls of plastic suckiness. They may go down the drain alright but they roll into our waterways and our waste-water systems aren't savvy enough to pick them out or filter them away. As a result they make there way to the oceans and they stay there. They don't biodegrade, fish eat them and we eat the fish! It's super gross. We don't want that sh!t in our in our waterways.

Question: What other #CrueltyFreeChristmas and #CrueltyFreeSkincare brands are your favourite?

Erica Andersen: Our big sister brand, Trilogy. Their Everything Balm makes for such a good gift, for everyone! I've gifted it for years now and it's always so well received.

Question: How will you be spending Christmas Day?

Erica Andersen: With my partner and his very cool kids! It'll be our first proper Christmas together which is so exciting. We've got a tree, decorations and everything! On the day we'll probably have an easy morning and head to the beach in the arvo. Oh, and of course there will be lots of Skype and Facetime calls with my family and friends.

Question: What's on your Christmas wish-list?

Erica Andersen: Beautiful sunny summer days and nights.
Safe summer holiday travels for everyone I know (and everyone I don't!).
The epic continuation of the #MeToo campaign.
And jewellery!

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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