The Girls Guide to Being a Boss

The Girls Guide to Being a Boss

If you've just been promoted and are now 'the chick in charge', read on! Accessible, fun, but very effective, this book sets out to help women sail through a host of work-based challenges, including coping as a new manager, gaining leadership skills, building and motivating a team and learning how to delegate. It also offers advice on how to avoid common office politics nightmares such as alienating your staff, being taken advantage of and dealing with fraught working relationships.

Being a good boss is a challenge for everyone, but women often have extra hurdles to overcome; often, how they are perceived is used as much as a yardstick as how well they perform. This book helps them face those challenges with the confidence needed to succeed.

  • coping with a new manager
  • gaining leadership skills
  • building and motivating a team
  • learning how to delegate

    Valuable lessons and smart suggestions for making the most of managing.

    About the Author:
    Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio are public relations and marketing professionals. They are the authors of The Girl's Guide to Starting Your Own Business (Harper Collins US, 2004). They founded their own company in 2001 and they have list of high-profile clients, including Jamie Oliver.

    'With each step you climb up the corporate ladder, the further down you will go if you fall off......The higher you go, the more you're under scrutiny from those beneath you who think they can do your job better and those above you that think they are paying you too much. If you don't create positive relationships from the word go, those go-getters will take every opportunity to prove that they are more suited to the job.'

    Allen & Unwin
    Author: Caitlin Friedman
    ISBN: 9780713677096
    RRP: $24.95

    Review: This book will help you develop the leading lady that you are!

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