Goji Play

Goji Play

Goji Play

From the co-founders of Guitar Hero comes Goji Play; an innovative, addictive, interactive device that transforms any cardio exercise machine into the ultimate gaming workout!


What is Goji Play?


Goji Play takes exercise to a new dimension by transforming cardio fitness machines into a gaming platform, bringing the fun and interactivity back to exercise.


Suitable for the entire family, Goji Play hardware consists of two game controllers that attach to handlebars of standard cardio equipment and a small motion tracker that clips to the gamer's belt.  The software can be downloaded for free from the App Store.  The wearable hardware communicates with the gaming app via Bluetooth, incentivising participants to workout harder, for longer. The faster they move, the harder and faster the game moves.


With a huge selection of free apps available, Goji Play also enables individual users to create their own personal profile, create their own fitness goals and  track fitness progress including distance, time and calories burned, save favourite games, connect with others socially and more. Goji Play can be used at home, the gym, or anywhere there's exercise equipment.


Goji Play RRP $129 is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and is available exclusively through JB HI-FI nationally.


Goji Play can be used with most cardio equipment such as treadmills, stationary exercise bikes and air steppers.


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