Gymbud App

Gymbud App



Gymbud is an innovative new fitness platform that enables people to connect, date and find new training partners.


A simple to use App, Gymbud helps to connect like-minded fitness fanatics to reliable training partners anywhere in the country.   Perfect for when your training partner cancels on you, or for people just getting started with their fitness journey, Gymbud aims to help people achieve their fitness goals and have fun doing it.   And if they meet someone neat along the way who becomes more than just a training partner, all the better!


Not everyone is surrounded by individuals who enjoy a regular fitness regime, and Gymbud is about providing all Australians with a platform to connect with their ideal 'Gymbud'.  Training with someone else gives people the motivation they need to keep pushing through their fitness journey.  Gymbud also aims to take the mystery out of fitness, by connecting people to others who can share information and provide the right advice.


Gymbud has a vision of making fitness readily accessible for everyone around the world.  Download and use of the Gymbud App is free.


How does it work?


Gymbud is a simple to use App which can be downloaded from the

Apple Store and Google Play.    Gymbud is free to download and use.  


Gymbud functions primarily through the 'Spot or Drop' feature, which allows users to swipe through potential training partners and connect with them.  The App displays a picture of a potential partner, their location, fitness focuses, and their age, and allows the user to either 'Spot' them, and connect further, or 'Drop' them.


Communication is easy.   You can simply message other Gymbudders directly. 



About the Founder  Colin Tilini


After his girlfriend cancelled on him at the gym and he was left to train by himself, Colin came up with the idea for an App specifically to connect people with reliable training partners.


Together with a team of carefully selected key advisors, Colin developed the concept, engaged the development team, sourced the funding, built the App and secured the gym partners.

Motivated by his passion for health and fitness, and his frustration with the unrealistic fitness standards on social media, Colin aims for Gymbud to create a supportive community that motivates people to continue with their fitness journeys.  He aims to make Gymbud the foot in the door for the inexperienced, and make the fitness environment less intimidating and more fun.


Growing up in Western Sydney, Colin is driven by a desire to give back to his family and his community. His vision for Gymbud is that it will show people a better way to live, and guide them towards self improvement. He is passionate about mental health issues, and he hopes to guide the younger generations in his community to bright futures.



Accessing the App


Gymbud can be downloaded via Google Play and the Apple App Store.


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