The all-new View-Master is set to hit shelves in Australia this Christmas, with an out-of-this-world 21st Century twist that will have young explorers hooked.


Taking inspiration from the iconic toy's heritage, the updated version leverages Google's Cardboard technology to give modern users a virtual experience to remember right from their living room.


Using just their Smartphone, the View-Master viewer and an experience pack, users can access a plethora of 360 degree environments, where they can explore outer space, famous places, landmarks, nature and more.


The fun starts for young adventurers by downloading an app onto their Smartphone, and connecting it to their chosen experience pack. Each experience pack consists of three reels which contain different virtual worlds for you to explore. Choice made, simply insert the phone into the View-Master viewer and point at one of experience reels to start your journey.


From here – lift off! The viewer is transported into a virtual reality world full of new experiences, images, videos and fun facts. Every turn of the head brings something exciting to see. What's more, you can click on objects within each immersion for more fun and even mini-games – unreal!


With three experience packs to choose from, curious explorers have much opportunity to learn. Whether taking a trip to the stars and mapping constellations with Space, heading deep into the outback in Wildlife or jetting off to far-flung places with Destinations, View-Master will take kids on an educational field trip with a difference.


Chedney Rodgers, Marketing Director at Mattel, believes this is an exciting addition to Australia just in time for Christmas.


'We're so excited at Mattel to be able to infuse technology and innovation, with this classic toy, into fun and play by developing an immersive digital experience for kids. A portal for children to explore the world and beyond, View-Master provides such an unrivalled way to learn and have fun. It's a great honour to be able to bring the iconic View-Master to the digital age here in Australia," said Rodgers.


To continue to expand offerings on the View-Master platform Mattel will begin to curate and create new experience reels with other Google Cardboard developers to offer users even more unique content to enjoy.


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RRP: View-Master® Virtual Reality Starter Pack $49.99 RRP

Additional View-Master® Experience Packs $18.99 RRP 

Stockist: Target, Big W, Kmart, Toys R Us


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