High in the Clouds by Paul McCartney and Philip Ardagh

High in the Clouds by Paul McCartney and Philip Ardagh

Imagine a land where all the animals are free

Exciting, fast and funny, this lavish picture book adventure is developed out of an exceptional fusion of talents and will delight children of all ages.

Forced to leave his woodland home, destroyed by the expansion plans of the evil Gretsch, Wirral the squirrel vows to find the fabled land of Animalia, where all the animals are said to live in freedom and without fear.

Aided and abetted by Froggo the hot-air-ballooning frog, Wilhamina the plucky red squirrel, and Rasty the street-wise rodent, Wirral's personal quest turns into a full-blown plan to save enslaved animals everywhere. A plan which is fraught with danger.

About the Author:

Paul McCartney's lifelong interest in children's storytelling grew out of his childhood love of classic Disney. He has created a number of animated films in collaboration with Geoff Dunbar.

Geoff Dunbar, the artist who created the illustrations for this book, is one of the world's finest animation directors and has crated such short films as Rupert and the Frog Song (with Paul McCartney). Among his many awards for film and television he has received two BAFTAs, a Palme d'Or, a Golden Bear, a Grand Prix and La Spiga d'Ore.

Philip Ardagh is a bestselling children's author whose work is translated into 27 languages.

High in the Clouds
Allen & Unwin
Author: Paul McCartney and Philip Ardagh
Illustrator: Geoff Dunbar
ISBN: 0571225012
RRP: $29.95