If the Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits

Cassie loves to dance. She goes to ballet, tap and jazz classes. Jazz is her favourite. She dreams of becoming a famous dancer one day with lots of adoring fans. There's one problem though - she's terrified of dancing in front of people.

Her dance school has an open day coming up when the whole class will dance in front of their family and friends. Cassie's nervous - she wishes she could be as confident as Jake, who is the best dancer in the class.

The day of the performance comes and Cassie finds some special shoes that give her the confidence to dance in front of everyone. But where's Jake? Could he be nervous about dancing in front of an audience as well?

'If the Shoe Fits' is a delightful story dealing with issues of confidence, expectations and embarrassment, and will be enjoyed by both boys and girls.

About the Author:
Krista Bell is an award-winning author who once upon a time did dance lessons for fun. She loves dancing and is thrilled that her youngest son, Henry, is a talented dancer. Krista is a the author of nineteen books for young readers which include 'Sniffy the Sniffer Dog' in the Start-Ups series, as well as junior fiction novels 'No Strings' and 'Who Cares?', and 'That's the Trick', a fun book about homophones.

If The Shoe Fits
Lothian Books
Author: Krista Bell
Illustrator: Craig Smith
ISBN: 0734408471
RRP: $10.95