The Secret Series, If you're reading this it's too late

The Secret Series, If you're reading this it's too late

The second book in the addictive Secret Series. While the first book saw our heroes Cass and Max-Ernest entangled in the mystery behind the Symphony of Smells, this adventure involves uncovering the secret of the Sound Prism. . .

This is the story of a secret. A secret that has been tormenting people like you for over... Oh no! Did I just mention the Secret? Then it's too late. Nothing will stop you now. But just remember, I warned you...

The Midnight Sun has been waiting 500 years for the homunculus to rise. Now the dazzling but dangerous Ms Mauvais and evil Dr L are going to throw Cass and Max-Ernest to the sharks unless they reveal its whereabouts.

Cass has become the keeper of the Sound Prism, but how is this eavesdropping ball of sound supposed to help her find the homunculus? What does the homunculus know about the buried secrets of the alchemist? And how are Cass and Max-Ernest meant to fulfil their mission for the Terces Society now that she's been grounded?

The thrilling sequel to The Name of This Book Is Secret

Praise for the Secret Series:

'BRILLIANT! I did everything reading it.' Thursday, 10

'This book was funny, smart and fast-paced. I am highly anticipating Mr Bosch's next literary venture.' Cameron, 13

About Pseudonymous Bosch
In a better world, Pseudonymous Bosch would be a famous author, his piercing eyes staring out from magazine covers, his brilliant words quoted in every newspaper. Sadly, I - I mean he! - cannot even tell you his name. Contrary to what you may have heard, this has nothing to do with gambling debts or angry bookies. No, the reason Pseudonymous must remain anonymous is...well, it's a secret. I - I mean he! - can't tell you anything about it. Except this: there is absolutely no truth to the claim that he is really a certain miserable wretch of a writer in Los Angeles. That man is a fraud. And his moustache is much less bushy than mine. Believe nothing he says.

If you're reading this, it's too late
Allen & Unwin
Author: Pseudonymous Bosch
ISBN: 9781741755893
RRP: $15.95