Fake Tanning Tips by Jade Dowling

Fake Tanning Tips by Jade Dowling

Jade Dowling, Senior Beauty Therapist at RY.com.au


  1. 1.       When buying a fake tan, what is your advice to new tanners?


Start off with a gradual tan for a more subtle and natural colour - my favourite (and one that's perfect for newbies to the tanning scene!) is the JBronze Gradual Tanning Cream. Once applied allow some time for it to dry before dressing. Also, avoid deodorant or perfume while tanning as it can stop the product from sticking to the skin.


  1. 2.       Some tans turn pale skin green, orange or just look like you have been playing in dirt, why does this happen? And what is the best way to match your skin type?


There are different base colours in tanning products, including violet-based, green-based and caramel-based products. Violet is perfect for olive and dark skin types, while green suits those with fair skin. If you're not sure, caramel-based is the way to go for a gorgeous bronze effect.


  1. 3.       What are you tips to applying fake tan so it looks natural, especially around the feet, hands, knees & elbows?


These areas tend to get patchy in the tanning process due to buildup of the tan and dry skin. Apply moisturiser to these areas before you tan. It'll ensure your skin is hydrated, and will smooth out the application so product isn't caught between the fingers or toes!  


  1. 4.       How do I apply fake tan to my face & neck? Do I need a new shade of foundation to match?


As for application, since these are the most visible areas of your body you want to get these right. Again, mix with moisturiser to ensure there's no streaks. The Sukin Facial Moisturiser never fails me on this front.


If you go quite a few shades darker it's probably best to buy a foundation to match, unless you blend your makeup like crazy!


  1. 5.       How can I stop my tan looking streaky or blotchy after a couple of days?


Exfoliating your body thoroughly before tanning will prevent this in the first instance by creating the perfect base - my clients love the St.Tropez Optimiser Body Polish.


For maintenance, be sure to keep moisturising over your tan to prevent the patchy look – it's your skin screaming out for hydration! If you want to top up your tan simultaneously, use an extender. My pick is the Sunscape Gradual Tan Extender.


  1. 6.       How long should my tan last, do different fake tans last longer?


The typical spray tan will last between five to ten days, however a gradual tan will last as long as you keep topping it up, but will fade over a few days if you stop.


  1. 7.       Will I still burn if I'm wearing fake tan?


Absolutely. Fake tan has no UV protection and it's always vital you slip, slop, slap. That's the beauty of fake tan, you don't have to expose yourself to harsh UV rays to get that glow.


  1. 8.       Do you have any other tips and tricks for application and maintenance.

The key to fake tanning is an even, bronzed look, and for the best possible shot at this I keep a tanning mitt in my utility. For a fail-proof application try the Bondi Sands Reusable Self-Tanning Mitt. Oh, and it protects your hands from those nasty stains!