Joe & Caspar Hit the Road DVD

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Joe & Caspar Hit the Road DVDs

Cast: Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg
Director: Brian Klein
Genre: Comedy
Rated: PG
Running Time: 92 minutes

Josh Sugg and Caspar Lee are insanely popular Youtube pranksters with over 10 million subscribers between them. They have over half a billion views and their instagram uploads get hundreds of thousands of likes. Now, thanks to the BBC, they are off on their latest challenge, a riotous road trip across Europe. Caspar has never done the gap year thing... or had to earn his way in life for that matter so this... this could get interesting.

The challenge is set: They will go on a road trip and they will have to pay their way, making money as they go... Who will thrive?

Joe & Caspar Hit the Road
RRP: $19.95


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