Kath and Kimderella The Movie DVD

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Kath and Kimderella The Movie DVD

Cast: Jane Turner, Gina Riley, Magda Szubanski, Glenn Robbins
Director: Ted Emery
Genre: Comedy
Rated: PG

The gang all head to the exotic yet not at all effluent Kingdom of Papilloma, on Italy's heel...where a stroppy Princess gets the Royal Wedding she always dreamed about, a certain Hornbag gets bedazzled and duped by an unscrupulous King and his petulant Page; and a dark and mysterious secret finally comes out of the closet.

A -uuuge box office smash, this globe-trotting movie takes your favourite television characters and gives them the big screen treatment they deserve - imagine Kath in surround sound, Kim in widescreen, Prue and Trude with subtitles and Sharon in technicolour! Toot sweet and all aboard for a ritzy fairy-tale of fashion, pashin' and revolution.

For more information see: www.femail.com.au/kath-and-kimderella

Special Features
Kel Knight In Shining Armour
Try That Again Peoples
How To Make A Movie Part 1
Look Who's Talking
Deleted Scenes
Movie Stuff
Fear of Flying
Movie Trailer
Shall We Dance Javier?
How To Make A Movie Part 2
How To Make A Movie Poster
Galah Movie Premiere

Kath and Kimderella The Movie
RRP: $49.95


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