Life Magic

Life Magic

How to create everything you ever wanted.

Why is it that some of the most beautiful people in the world end up desperate and dateless whilst other less glamourous individuals thrive?
Why do some health-conscious people face disease whilst their smoking counterparts tick on?
Why do some people attract wealth in spades whilst other battlers stay perennially deprived?

Success is all in the mind, according to Ruth Ostrow in her latest book Life Magic which answers these age old questions and cracks open the myths of money, love and happiness.

When working as a finance journalist during the Greed is Goods 80s, Ruth noticed the degree to which belief dictated outcome. Business leaders who had previously broken out of prison camps in war-torn Europe, scaled walls, escaped persecution with an shakeable belief in themselves, continued to scale walls of companies, cartels, unions, in Australia until they had reached the pinnacle of fame and fortune.

'I never stopped, I never looked back', one immigrant entrepreneur behind one of the country's biggest property developers told Ostrow at the time. 'I kept running and running. Climbing and climbing.'.

Some of those who made the BRW rich list told her:
You make your own luck
It's not what happens it's how you deal with it
Defeat is not an option

In contrast those who failed along the way had a 'poverty mentality' struggling not with what was outside of them but what was inside. Behind failure there is often fear. Fear of failure itself: 'I don't deserve.... ' Feare of not being respected: 'I am not good enough' Perssimism: 'This will never last'.

As a Sex & Relationships writer in the 90s Ruth Ostrow noticed the same thing. The greatest asset was not a perfect body but a perfect attitude.

Even in her most recent stint as a health writer she noticed that good health had more to do with super attitude than super foods. 'We wouldn't wilfully put poison into our bodies, yet we put it into our heads. Ugly toxic thoughts rob us of our youth and vitality.'

It's no secret! The mysteries behind success and happiness are unravelled methodically in this book.

Using her years of experience as a journalist and now international wellness consultant. Ostrow explores the psychology of success.