Manslations Becoding the Secret Language of Men

Manslations Becoding the Secret Language of Men

He says: "I just got out of a relationship and I don't think I'm ready"
Mansaltion: "I'm only recently single, and I'm not lonely enough right now to date you."

He says: "Look, I'm a passionate person..."
Manslation: Expect all kinds of erratic behaviour with no apologies

He says: "I could never date a woman who is constantly asking 'Am I fat? Do I look fat in this?'"
Manslation: I have never been in a relationship longer than a month

Manslations reveals the golden rule of what never to worry about (and what to lose sleep over), plus the two keys that will unlock the meaning behind even the most confusing male actions. it covers everything from basic manslation theory (consider the Jack Bauer Principle: deep down, every man feels he might be called on to save the world at any moment) and common 'mythunderstandings' to first dates dos and don't , post date debriefing, men and their things, manslating pop culture (or why nobody in the real world ends up with Dr. McDreamy); manslations for the top 12 male conundrums, plus a hand man-to-woman phrase book. Jeff Mac began a career in stand-up comedy at age 33. Within three years he was invited to perform his original standup on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham. He's also worked in TV and radio as a voiceover artist and runs the website He lives in Brooklyn USA.

Random House Australia
Author: Jeff Mac
ISBN: 9781863256735
Price: $24.95