Max Remy Super Spy - Blue's Revenge - Deborah Abela

Max Remy Super Spy - Blue's Revenge - Deborah Abela

Could this be Max Remy's most dangerous Spyforce mission yet?

Finally the evil Blue is locked away in the world's most secure prison and Max Remy can breath a sigh of relief. Besides, she has enough to worry about with her mother's upcoming wedding.

However, after engineering a cunning escape, Blue is out for revenge. He gatecrashes the wedding and in a cleverly conceived plan, kidnaps Max's mother. Desperate to save her, Max prepares to embark on a rescue mission, but Spyforce refuse to let her go, worried that her emotions may cloud her judgement. Harrison instead offers to meet Blue to arrange her release, but is lead into a terrible trap.

Max and Linden disobey Spyforce orders and begin a mission to bring them both safely home, but can they survive the Pulverising Cell and the deadly worlds of the Portal Room? And will Blue's thirst for revenge lead to someone's death?

'Harrison knew the boundless reaches of Blue's brilliant mind and his capacity for evil. Even though he was safely locked away, Spyforce would be foolish to underestimate Blue's intelligence or his determination to get what he wanted. 'After your mission in the Amazon, I believe Blue will not rest until he has had a chance to....' Harrison paused searching for the right words, 'To get his revenge'.

Already a huge hit with kids in the double figures, Max Remy is at it again with readers begging for more.