Max Remy Super Spy: The Amazon Experiment By Deborah Abela

Max Remy Super Spy: The Amazon Experiment By Deborah Abela

The latest and most dangerous Spyforce adventure

Meet Suava. Good looking and charming, the new agent at Spyforce does everything perfectly. It is no surprise that Max Remy takes an instant dislike to him.

But Max must cast all personal feelings aside when the unthinkable happens and the original Spyforce manual is stolen! The evidence points in only one direction: Dretch. Max has always detested him but is he the real culprit?

To make matters worse several Spyforce agents, including Quimby and Harrison, have fallen ill with a rare sleeping sickness, traced to a parasite found in the Triatoma bug of the Amazon Jungle.

Max, Linden and Suave are chosen for the mission. Before they can leave, Frond is kidnapped after discovering the cause of the South African bug, and a heartbroken Steinberger assumes control. Bumbling and office-bound Steinberger is ill-equipped to deal with such a dangerous mission but he is determined to find Frond and an antidote to the sleeping sickness.

Join Max, Linden, Suave and Steinberger on a thrilling ride through the dangers of the Amazon Jungle as they attempt to rescue Frond, retrieve the Triatoma bug and save Spyforce from disaster.

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Another thrilling adventure with Max Remy. The Amazon Jungle is the perfect setting, but when will Max tell Linden how she really feels about him?