The Hollywood Mission

The Hollywood Mission

"It's a double cross," her father yelled. He raced to the door but it had been bolted shut. The water rose so high it lifted them from their feet an floated them towards the ceiling. Max desperately looked for a way out. The gap between the ceiling and the rising water became a silver with barely enough room to breathe. Would this be the of Max and her dad?

Max Remy is back! And this time she's in Hollywood visiting her film director father. But her long awaited holiday goes terribly wrong when Max is forced to tackle high-speed snow chases, earthquakes and a fiendish plot to use the movie industry to destroy the world.

This is the forth instalment in the Max Remy series and once again Deb gives us a funny, fast-paced, intrigue-filled adventure. There are more gadgets, more villains and more mud-covered mayhem.

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