Mira Falling

Mira Falling

Mira Falling dreams of becoming a superstar, and she'll do anything to get out of the boring seaside town of Harvest Bay. But Mira's dreams are overshadowed by the sporting accomplishments of her brother Jack, the town's golden boy.

When the Holborn family moves in next door Mira finally sees her path to the big time. The Holborns are wealthy and connected, and their son Sebastian is gorgeous. Sneakily befriending her new neighbors, Mira soon has the Holborns eating out of the palm of her hand. Except for Sebastian's sister Lilly, thats is.

It must be Lilly sending her those strange, threatening emails. Or could it be Jack, her brother? Whoever i is, they don't like what Mira's up to.

Mira won't let anything get in her way - but what are the consequences of stopping at nothing to achieve your dreams?

Maria Arena lives in Queensland with her children, their dog Tobay and an obstinate cat called Gizmo. She tutors in Creative Writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and likes to hang out with other creative types at her local writers' group.

Mira Falling
Lothian Books
Author: Maria Arena
ISBN: 0734408668
RRP: $17.95