Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

  • Discover the Mirror of Truth!
  • Find the True You!
  • Free your Soul!
  • An Identity Handbook for Life!
    We all have bad days when we feel we don't belong -

    When we feel misunderstood, useless, worthless or unattractive. Now you can say goodbye to those days forever, and discover the real you. Once you discover what stops you feeling good about yourself, you can grow into the radiant human being you know you're destined to be.

    Besting author Dianne Wilson believes that spiritual identity is the key to self-worth and a brighter, more fulfilled future. Her new book, 'Mirror Mirror' gives you hope, courage and practical assistance to take control of your life and change negative patterns of behaviour, so you can move forward to:
  • Find freedom from a dysfunctional family life and throw off the shackles of the past.
  • Overcome feelings of rejection and alienation due to negative experiences at school, work or in relationships and learn to celebrate your feelings of uniqueness.
  • Free yourself from body discontentment and treat eating disorders to become healthy and content.
  • Learn to stop people pleasing and conforming to other's expectations of you. Show kindness to others and yourself.
  • Identify unhealthy and abusive relationships and know when to get out.
  • Manage physical and intellectual disabilities to achieve all you are capable of.
  • Combat extreme and obsessive behaviour in yourself to find balance.
  • Tackle feelings of jealousy and envy towards others.
  • Free yourself from discouragement - stop letting your own or others discouragement stop you from fighting for your dreams and freedom.


    Finding that inner balance and overcoming issues that have shaped your life is not easy task. Dianne Wilson individually addresses the issues and puts on the path to happiness from within.

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