Misha's Treehouse

Misha's Treehouse

Misha is messy and her brother Paul is fed up with her. He can't find anything in their room as it is full with Misha's things. Misha's clothes, Misha's toys, Misha's books, Misha's everything. Paul can't even see the floor anymore!

He decides that she needs a space of her own - somewhere away from him. There's nowhere left in the house, but there is space outside. Paul decides to build Misha a treehouse out in the garden... but he can't do it by himself.

As they work together on the treehouse both Misha and Paul realise that they really do enjoy each other's company.

Elise Hurst is an illustrator and author of children's books as well as a traditional artist. She works in a messy studio at home in Melbourne, near a cemetery and a zoo, and can sometimes hear monkeys whooping in the mornings. Her previous Lothian books include 'A Dream of Bunyips Dancing', 'The Elephants' Big Day Out', 'Maximilian Jones' and 'Where's God?' written by Victor Kelleher. Elise has previously illustrated another Startup, 'The Queen Cubby', written by Raewyn Caisley.

Misha's Treehouse
Lothian Books
Author: Elise Hurst
ISBN: 0734408625
RRP: $10.95