Mishaps Sometimes bad luck is more than coincidence

Mishaps Sometimes bad luck is more than coincidence

Pen O'Connell is, without a doubt, the unluckiest girl at Callindra Secondary College. Her dream date's just fallen through, her dog has literally eaten her homework, and don't even mention the incident at school camp. But when Pen meets Sebastian Meyer, teenage genius and genetics expert, she begins to wonder if everything that happens to her really is just bad luck.

Could the bizarre theory that's turned every teacher in the school against Sebastian explain why Pen is more likely to get a head injury than a hot date? Why does Pen's name strike terror into the heart of pop princess Sereena? And just how far will Pen go to get what she deserves?

Nansi Kunze grew up in Britain and Australia, and can still switch accents at the drop of a hat. Her chequered career has included stints as a secondary school language teacher, educational software consultant, translator, apricot grader and voice-over artist. Nansi began writing for adults in 2000, but her penchant for manga, Paul Frank and all things Nintendo soon made it obvious that she was better suited to writing for teenagers. She lives on a small farm overlooking the Victorian Alps with her GP husband and baby son.

'This fast paced, exciting read is any girl's answer to a boring weekend!' GIRLFRIEND
'MISHAPS is a great read for young adults as it contains many key ingredients to keep their interest - teen love triangles, spoilt celebrities, story tension and a speculative twist. Hilarious and entertaining with a refreshingly original presentation on a familiar theme, MISHAPS is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Recommended.' Aleesah Darlison, BUZZWORDS
'I thought MISHAPS was a really thrilling read. I was so desperate to find out what happened in the end, I couldn't put it down!' Melissa, age 12, Random House Book Buddies Club
'This story reminds me of HOW TO BE POPULAR by Meg Cabot. MISHAPS was a really great book and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.' Mikaela Dunn, age 13, Random House Book Buddies Club'A good, quick, fun read.' Emma, age 14, Random House Book Buddies Club
'Once I picked up this book, I couldn't put it down. It was almost addictive. I stayed up all night reading!' Kate, age 14, Random House Book Buddies Club

Random House Australia
Author: Nansi Kunze
ISBN: 9781741662757
RRP: $17.95