Music News

Chartsong Is Moving
For the past 5 years, Chartsong has been based in Norman Park, Brisbane. The studio has served us well, but with more record label clients, and more equipment, we've outgrown it! As a result, we'll be moving in to a new 3 level complex in central Brisbane, right on the Brisbane River no less. Not only will the new complex have more space for the studio, it will also include a whole floor for client accommodation. From now on, we'll be able to offer accommodation for up to 5 band members.

Christian Idol
After the announcement that INXS are launching their reality show, now comes the news that Wright Entertainment, managers of Britney Spears, are planning a Christian version of American Idol. Should be interesting ...

Bachelor Girl Split, But Tanya Kicks On
After a disappointing response to their last record, premier pop duo Bachelor Girl have gone their separate ways. Singer Tanya Doko, no doubt a little embarrassed by the schamozzle that was Popstars Mark IV has headed off to the US to start writing a solo record. It will be released later in the year on BMG.

Killing Heidi Return
After the less than rapturous reception to 2002's 'Present', Killing Heidi are back with a third album. Although at an uncertain point in their career, initial critical response to the record has been strong, and first single 'I Am' is featured in mega blockbuster Spiderman 2. And new promo shots of the guys show a more mature foursome, with Ella looking decidedly less Byron Bay grunge, and more Oxford St hot!

You Can Record With Chartsong
Stuart Stuart has space available for October/November. If you are interested in recording your music properly, and taking the next step with your career, please send us a tape/CD. Stuart is very particular about who and what he works with, but at the very least, you'll get some feedback on your music. Our address is 'Chartsong, PO Box 1944, Carindale Centre, 4152'. Visit www chartsong com for more info - our website has been revised and revamped, so check it out.

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