Kath from KTV

Kath from KTV
Formed in Melbourne in 1998, KTV were discovered after they performed and won a competition playing their debut gig in Goo Uncovered. 1999 saw KTV included on the Push Compilation CD and in 2000, they played support to Aussie stars Killing Heidi at their "Reflector" album launch in Melbourne.

Recently KTV were Triple J's Exposed Artist of the week, where Kath from KTV was interviewed live across Australia and a KTV track was played. With a new line up announced, KTV are currently working on a new EP.

This month's Star of Tomorrow Spotlight is on band member KATH ORGOVANY from KTV.

Stage Name: KATH from KTV
If I tell you I'll have to kill you!

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Music Genre: Energetic chick singer power pop with attitude!

When did you realise that music was your passion? 10 years old.

List three musical influences: Abba, Blondie, Green Day.

How many years have you been performing? Many.

Do you write your own material? Yes I do.

Have you found the Internet to be helpful/useful in fast-tracking your music career? Yes. I constantly annoy people with KTV emails and I have a really cool website at www.indentmusic.com.au/ktv

In following your dream, who has helped you along the way? My Mum, my friends and some cool industry people who dig what I do.

Is there anything you wish you could change about the music industry? I would like to see more unknown bands breaking through on commercial radio, supports to big bands being easier to get, less ageism against women, i.e. - if you're over 18 you are too old to be in a band!

What advice can you offer to other budding young artists? Well I am still budding but I think the most important thing is to follow your heart. Play music that you love. And if you know what you write/play is good and your friends, etc, agree, stick with it, even though it may not be 'cool.'

People in the industry will knock you back, try to change you, give you crappy advice, don't listen, believe in yourself. Also, don't 'Genre Jump'. Don't just play music 'cos it's cool today, 'cos it won't be tomorrow. Just play stuff you love. Like with KTV we have been called a bit 80's influenced and now I hear the 80's are back, so who knows what'll happen! Being in fashion without even trying, that's the secret!!!

Where do you envision yourself in 5 years time?
In a better place than I am now.

Where can people purchase/listen to your music?
www.indentmusic.com.au/ktv is our website and we have MP3s on it, or you can email us at ktv@indentmusic.com.au. We have had a new song called 'Turn it Off' featured on the recent Girl Compilation CD (which was given away at the CD launches) and are about to record a brand new single/ep which will be out soon. Those without internet access can write to us at PO Box 1453 Collingwood, 3066 to join our mailing list.


Full Name: Kath Orgovany
Nickname(s): Kath from KTV
Star Sign: Aquarius

Fave Food: Chicken curry
Fave Film: At the moment, Gia.
Fave Actor: Angelina Jolie
Fave Animal: Dog.

Describe Yourself In 3 Words: Creative, Shy, Funny.
Best Feature: Smile.
Worst Feature: Moodiness.
Person You Would Most Like To Meet: Deborah Harry from Blondie
Hobbies/Interests: Music, art, writing, animals.

First Job: Casual at Myer Melbourne.
A Talent You Wish You Had: To be an incredible guitarist instead of a hack.
The Best Advice Given To You: It's not where you end up that counts, it's the journey that takes you there that is important.
What Can You Never Leave Home Without: My brain (and my mobile phone.)
If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be? GARFIELD!!!!!!!!
If you were told you had a minute to live, what would you do? Ring my Mum.

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