Diva's News Flash - Holly Valance UK No.1 Debut

Diva's News Flash - Holly Valance UK No.1 Debut
Australia's newest music star Holly Valance shot to the Number 1 spot in the UK today with her debut single 'Kiss Kiss'. 'Kiss Kiss' sold 150,000 copies in the UK last week out selling its nearest competitor threefold.

Holly is most known in Australia for her current role as 'Flick' in Neighbours. Two years ago she signed a deal with production house EngineRoom with an ambition to move from acting to music over time. Holly has been in the UK for the past two months recording with Nellee Hooper, Stargate, Murlyn amongst others.

Holly arrived home in Melbourne this morning from the UK to be greeted with the exciting news.

Andrew Klippel (CEO, EngineRoom) who has largely been the architect for Holly's international music career said from London today, "I am truly thrilled for Holly who has been working towards this for many years. Over the past two months in particular Holly has done some amazing work in the UK promoting 'Kiss Kiss' plus writing and recording the remainder of her album. It looks like Holly is going to repeat this success all around the world and first up should be Australia. Even with all the success Holly has jumped on the first plane home to Melbourne. That's the sort of natural person Holly is and it's that quality that will make her an important star for a long while."

'Kiss Kiss' was the Number 2 most added song at Australian radio last week. Her super hip video had its debut on Video Hits and can now be seen all over Australian TV including the Channel V Ripe Clip this week.

Holly's debut single 'Kiss Kiss' will be released in Australia on June 10th.