Andrea Hector

Andrea Hector
Name: Andréa Hector
Age: 28
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Music Genre: electronic groove pop

  1. When did you realise your dream to be a performer?
    I was about 5 years old. I saw some boys lip singing to KISS and I said, I can do that for real. I wrote my first song called Dogs.
    List three musical influences: Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, NIN

  2. When writing lyrics, what do you draw upon for inspiration?
    Life experiences...whatever I've gone through comes out in lyrics. It may not be right away, depending on how much the situation hurts, but eventually, it comes out.

  3. Have you found the Internet to be helpful/useful in fast-tracking your music career?
    Within 6 months, I've come further than all the years put together of my career. I am absolutely thrilled at where I've come to! There's nothing better than receiving fan mail from someone in Russia, telling me I'm a superstar! That's what this is all about.

  4. In following your dream, who has helped you along the way?
    Some of the people I've come across in my life have been so supportive...Cam Noyes (manager extraordinaire) gave me the courage to put out my first c.d. in 95...he continues to help me with his endlessskills of getting me out there, just by suggestion...he suggests, I run out and do it, and go back a few months later to say Hey,that worked...thanx!

    Cecil English (Profile Studios)...he had me teach piano for studio time. Almost all my recordings have been done in his studio...I now have 4 days left and called him to say thank you for your support over the past years and he said, We'll try to make this so you can continue to receive your studio time...

    The most recent supporter in the industry has been Estrogen Music. I'm so grateful for Karen and her incredible support. If you have music, send it to Estrogen...they're absolutely fantastic! If you're a music fan...continue to support them, they really deserve it!

    My friend Jerry Wong (Damn The Diva) has been there for me since we shared College time for music. Currently, my best friend Melissa is a mountain of support...all my other friends become more supportive every week as I tell them of all the great stuff that is happening...eeeek! Here I go, I'm welling up the eyes...I just have to stop now!

  5. Is there anything you wish you could change about the music industry?
    I wish the music industry would stop looking at what a woman *should* look like in the music industry and push healthy images just as hard as they push the flat bellied, big (fake) breasted, collagen lipped underage kids that dominate. If the music industry began to support real people, then the world would follow and cellulite would be accepted and voluptuous bodies would be considered beautiful once more.

    I wish the music industry would stop stealing all the artists money and realize that the musicians are the reason they're getting their yachts. That possibly the musicians should be getting paid just as much as the money hungry record labels do.

    There...I closed my eyes and made a wish...did it work?...damn I'm still in my basement...

  6. What advice can you offer to other budding young artists?
    Do everything you can with confidence you can. Remember that any review, good or bad is publicity...remember that any harsh words usually come from someone you don't need to listen to anyway...remember the good words that you've received...ask as many questions you can...if someone doesn't want to give you the advice or answer the question...move on and find another mentor.

  7. Where do you envision yourself in 5 years time?
    Earning a prosperous living solely through performing music I write and create. Living somewhere closer to the equator so I can play with's too #@^* cold up here in fingers are cramping as I type this...

  8. Where can people purchase/listen to your music?
    To purchase: www.cdbaby.comTo listen:

    Occasionally these folks have me on their site for listening, if you haven't heard of them, they're based in Australia!

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