Bird York

Name:Bird York
Location:Los Angeles

Music Genre:adult alternative

When did you realise your dream to be a performer?
At 6, when I sang in the play "The Shoemaker and the Elves". I was an elf.

List three musical influences:
Peter Gabriel, Abida Parveen (Pakistani singer), Sinead O'Connor

When writing lyrics, what do you draw upon for inspiration?
The magic and treachery of my, and other people's lives. I'm kind of fascinated with the drug of sexual attraction as a theme lately.

Have you found the Internet to be helpful/useful in fast-tracking your music
Absolutely. I am the featured artist on the CBS television drama "Family Law". ten million viewers hear my songs and afterwards some of them go on the internet and write to me and ask where to get mp3s of the song they just heard.

In following your dream, who has helped you along the way?
My former publisher at Warner Chappell Kathleen Carey (now head ofpublishing at Sony U.S.). Her signing me was a real boost to my makingmusic as a career.

Is there anything you wish you could change about the music industry?
SO much that I can't even start on the subject. But there is alot I'dliketo change about the world so...I'll save my wishes for something trulyimportant.

What advice can you offer to other budding young artists?
Make the music that you would stop in your tracks for if you heard it on the radio.

Where do you envision yourself in 5 years time?
Queen of the Western World. .. a humble poet spinning beauty.

Where can people purchase/listen to your music? It can be purchased at or As well as on the show Family Law

- Michelle Palmer