Outside Beauty

Outside Beauty

Outside Beauty

Is it considered kidnapping if you kidnap your own sister?

'My mother had four daughters by four different men.' This is a line I had repeated many times in my life.... I love my sisters more than I loved anyone, maybe even more than my mother. They were not just sisters to me, they were extensions of myself.

When a late-night car crash shatters everything, Shelby's family is scattered, and each sister is sent to live with her respective father. As the girls try to adjust to life without each other, the youngest, Maddie, starts to withdraw from her sisters and even from herself. Shelby knows she must find a way to reunite her family- but how?

Outside Beauty is funny and thought-provoking, and Cynthia has an amazing ability to explore the bonds that bind the meaning of friendship and sisterhood.

Cynthia Kadohata is a Newbery Medal-winning novelist and her previous books include Kira-Kira, Weedflower and Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam. Cynthia loves books, chocolate and dogs and she lives in Los Angeles, California.

Outside Beauty
Simon and Schuster Australia
Author: Cynthia Kadohata
ISBN: 9781847382665
Price: $16.95