Pact of Wolves

Pact of Wolves

A gripping thriller with a blend of fantasy, history and an intriguing mystery.

Pointed fangs gleamed in the torchlight, and empty eye sockets glared. A tall, wiry boy in a wolf mask stepped up to Blanka, and another figure in a dark-green priest's robe and an iron mask stood beside him. How long had these two been lurking in the forest?

The Wolves threaten Blanka on her first night at the Europa International boarding school. And then she stumbles upon a dead body at the bottom of the library stairs. When Blanka tries to discover more about the dead woman, creepy things happen. Wolf dreams disturb her sleep. Someone forges her exam paper to make her fail. A hooded figure appears below her window in the middle of the night.

The Wolves are the school's secret society. But why are they after Blanka? Can witch-hunts hundreds of years ago have anything to do with the dead woman? And who really is Nicholas, the elusive student who offers to help her solve the mystery?

Pact of Wolves plunges the reader into a vortex of mystery, deceit and danger, before racing to an electrifying conclusion.

Nina Blazon was born in 1969 and grew up in Neu-Ulm, a Bavarian town near the Danube. She studied German literature and Slavic languages and taught at the universities of Tuebingen and Saarbruecken. She started writing during a work placement in journalism and worked for many years in an advertising agency. She has written many children's books and was awarded the Wolfgang Holbein Prize for her fantasy debut. Today Nina Blazon works in Stuttgart as a freelance journalist, author and advertising copywriter.

Pact of Wolves
Allen & Uwnin
Author: Nina Blazon
ISBN: 9781741753905
RRP: $16.95