Pagan's Daughter by Catherine Jinks

Pagan's Daughter by Catherine Jinks

Catherine Jinks's award-winning books about Templar squire Pagan Kidrouk are critically acclaimed international bestsellers. Now a whole new era begins with a stand-alone story about Pagan's daughter Babylonne, a feisty, irresistible character whose tale will catapult you straight into the medieval world with rapid-fire action and adventure.

A mysterious past, a desperate fight, an unforgettable adventure ...

At sixteen, Babylonne is desperate. She's been starved and beaten, she's endured six bloody sieges, and now her aunt wants her to marry a crazy old man who thinks he's a giant olive.

Can she trust the mysterious priest who's been spying on her, claiming to be a friend of her father's? Or would it be better to fight - and perhaps die - in the long, vicious war with the French?

Catherine Jinks's award-winning Pagan Chronicles are international bestsellers. Now her action-packed epic continues with the adventures of Pagan's daughter, Babylonne - as feisty, funny and irresistible as her famous father.

Catherine Jinks is a medieval scholar and prolific author for teenagers, children and adults. Her books have garnered numerous awards in Australia and overseas. The original Pagan books grew out of a university course Catherine Jinks studied about the Crusades, and were also heavily influenced by comedies such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Pagan's Daughter
Allen & Unwin
Author: Catherine Jinks
ISBN: 9781741147698
RRP: $19.95