Person Of Interest: The Complete Third Season DVD

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Person Of Interest: The Complete Third Season DVD

Cast: Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, Taraji P. Henson
Genre: TV Drama
Rated: M

Person of Interest is a crime thriller about an ex-CIA agent, John Reese (series star Jim Caviezel), and a mysterious billionaire, Harold Finch (series star Michael Emerson), who prevent violent crimes by utilising an all-seeing 'Machine" that can predict the events before they happen and supply the social security numbers of those involved. Although they have successfully prevented numerous crimes thanks to The Machine's omniscience, Reese and Finch, along with NYPD detectives Joss Carter (series star Taraji P. Henson) and Lionel Fusco (series star Kevin Chapman) now face an uncertain future. The Machine, having been hunted by various forces, has moved itself to an unknown location in a surprising act of self-awareness and self-preservation. Though unbeknownst to Reese and Finch, it is also in communication with Root (new series star Amy Acker), a dangerous cyber-criminal whose fascination with The Machine has become a full-blown obsession to set it free from all outside control. Meanwhile, Carter is distracted by a personal crusade to take down the criminal organisation known as HR, while Fusco continues to face the repercussions of his corrupt past. As they await new numbers, Reese and Finch " now joined by Sam Shaw (new series star Sarah Shahi), a lethal operative left for dead by the government " can only wonder where The Machine is, and where its evolving intelligence will lead them next.

In the third season, The POI team faces an uncertain future as they struggle with the next evolution of The Machine, which is now completely self-governed and hidden from all. While Reese and Finch continue to utilise Shaw's exceptional (and lethal) skill set, her violent tendencies could end their alliance before it can fully begin. And even though Root remains institutionalised in an asylum, she still seeks to resume her connection with The Machine and marshal her resources for an escape.

As the third season starts, The Machine resumes giving Finch its 'irrelevant" numbers for people in danger, which include a U.S. naval officer in town for Fleet Week. However, with so many sailors flooding the streets of New York City, finding the officer in time presents an even bigger challenge for Reese and Shaw. Meanwhile, Carter has been demoted to a patrol officer as a result of her being set up by the corrupt police crime organisation HR, and sets a plan in motion to eradicate them for good. Also, Root tests the boundaries of her new asylum surroundings.

Person Of Interest: The Complete Third Season
RRP: $59.95
Blu-ray RRP: $69.95


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