Photoshop for Dummies

Photoshop for Dummies

It's no secret - Photoshop has beendescribed as a little bit beastly. But armed with this book, you can tame that beast in no time and be working with digital images, understanding PICT and EPS files, matching colors, creating layer comps, using filters, and spinning out Web graphics with the greatest of ease.

Dede McClelland, a nationally recognised Photoshop expert, is the bestselling author of more than 70 books. He is a member of the elite Photoshop Hall of Fame. Phyllis Davis is a writer, graphics and Web Designer and teacher.

Photoshop for Dummies will help you discover how to:
Modify, retouch and enhance images.
Create type, vector art, and special effects.
Understand layer masks and use channels.
Prepare graphics for the web.
Choose the riht tool for every job.
Play with pixels, lasso layers and make your subjects look spectacular.

Photoshop for Dummies Review:
Explanations in plan English for all your graphic requirements. A very helpful aid for all levels of users.

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