Piccolo & Annabelle 3: The Stinky Cheese Gypsies

Piccolo & Annabelle 3: The Stinky Cheese Gypsies

Superbly illustrated in a small hardcover format, this is the third magical adventure of Piccolo and Annabelle.Gentle, funny, seincere and exciting, the Gorgeous Piccolo & Annabelle series combines the best of traditional children's stories with the quirky humour and exciting car chases of today's children's books. The end result.....a series of books that parents will love, just as much as their children do.

Piccolo Grande's ordered life has been turned upside down by his competition-crazy Guardian Angel. His fine old house has become an obstacle course of prizes that Great Aunt Annabelle has been winning at an alarming rate.

Enough is enough! Piccolo devises a plan to give away, sell or bank all the prizes. But little does he know that Annabelle's latest windfall - a bright pink motor scooter and sidecar - is about to lead them into a gangload of trouble with a very wicked twist.

Review: The mismatched pair, Piccolo & Annabelle, demonstate the magic that is friendship and the differences that make it work.

Piccolo & Annabelle 3
Random House Australia
Author: Stephen Axelsen
ISBN: 1741660157
RRP: $16.95