Pirates of Quentaris

Pirates of Quentaris

Kiall and Eena's father Paolo have been thrown in prison. He failed to repay merchants for goods lost in a series of disastrous shipwrecks, and now must pay the price even though he was not at fault.

Desperate to save him, Kiall and Eena think of ways to get money very quickly. They consider approaching the Thieves' Guild, but their mother forbids it. She was forced to renounce her membership when she married Paolo.

Now their only option is to go fortune-hunting in the rift caves - but they can't afford a guide.

The sky pirates begin flying over the city again and Kiall has an idea. If he can just sneak onto a pirate ship he'll be able to travel through the caves. Even better than that, if he can steal gold from the pirates and bring it back, all will be saved....

Sherryl Clark has been writing stories and poems for more than twenty years. Her first children's book, 'The Too Tight Tutu', was a best-selling Aussie Bite. Her other titles include more Aussie Bites, Nibbles and Chomps such as 'The Littlest Pirate', 'Boots and All' and 'Batter Up'. She has also written the novels 'Up a Tree' and 'Flipside' for older readers. her verse novel, 'Farm Kid' won the 2005 NSW Premier's Patricia Wrightson prize for children's literature.

Pirates of Quentaris
Lothian Books
Author: Sherrly Clark
ISBN: 0734408838
RRP: $14.95