Planet Simpson by Chris Turner

Planet Simpson by Chris Turner

How a cartoon masterpiece documented an era and defined a generation.An Audacious book for a genius show.

It is the world's most successful TV show. It is also the world's best TV show. And Planet Simpson is the first book to deliver an intelligent, entertaining and in-depth look at the impact of the most important popular-culture phenomenon of the last decade.

The Simpsons alone has had the intelligence, scope and imagination to chart the links between the new world order's scattered fragments. From Bart Simpson as Punk Icon to Marge and morality; this is a wonderfully funny and provocative look at Planet Simpson.

'If this book were to have an alternative title, it would most likely be, How to Cook for Forty Humans. If that makes no sense to you, chances are you probably haven't read this far anyway. If it does make sense, you'll understand the treat that's coming your way just a few pages from here.' Douglas Coupland.

For die hard Simpson fans, and those facinated by the the Simpson phenomenon and the impact it has had on society. A real eyeopening to a generation.