Prank Patrol Rodent Revenge

Prank Patrol Rodent Revenge


Somewhere, sometime, somehow a big time prank is about to be pulled all in the name of good fun... the Prank Patrol team is back in a bid to prank more kids across Australia!

Scotty and the Ninjas return in this comedy-action series, where kids get to create, build and execute the prank of a lifetime on someone of their choice - all they have to do is call in the Prank Patrol!

In these episodes a friend sets out to get some Rodent Revenge, can a helmet really give you Mind Control, and will a set of twins fall for the Runaway Robot? What appears to be a simple job turns into a Cleaning Calamity, and we see some awesome Prank stunts in Extreme Stunt Driver.

* Extreme Stunt Driver
* Rodent Revenge
* Runaway Robot
* Cleaning Calamity
* Mind Control

Review: Scotty is at it again, but this time it's Rodent Revenge. With 5 new fun episodes, Prank Patrol is great holiday entertainment. But watch out cause Scotty has 'released the ninjas'....

Prank Patrol Rodent Revenge
RRP: $19.95


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