Real Techniques: YouTubers of the Year

Real Techniques: YouTubers of the Year

Real Techniques: YouTubers of the Year

Sam and Nic Chapman – the makeup artist sisters, founders of the popular YouTube channel Pixiwoo and co-designers behind the Real Techniques beauty brand – were named YouTubers of the Year at the prestigious Glamour Women of the Year Awards this month. Hosted by Glamour Magazine each June in the U.K., the awards honour extraordinary and inspirational women from a variety of fields
ranging from entertainment to education to sports and business.

"It's a real honour to be recognised by Glamour alongside so many other inspiring women," said Sam Chapman. "YouTube has really come a long way since we started nine years ago, and we are just so excited to be able to use this platform along with Real Techniques to continue to engage with and inspire our tremendous community of beauty lovers."

Makeup artists and YouTube sensations Sam(antha) and Nic(ola) Chapman grew up surrounded by makeup, including their aunt who was a top makeup artist for clients like Princess Diana and David Bowie. In 2008, to help a friend create a smoky eye effect, Sam uploaded a video to YouTube. From that, the Chapmans' instructional makeup videos were born, transforming the sisters into visionaries
who pioneered a new platform of makeup artistry through YouTube. Today, the girls have more than 7 million followers across the globe.

"We're pleased to continue to leverage Sam and Nic's passion and authenticity to be the 'wing women' of the beauty obsessed, and couldn't be happier that Sam and Nic were recognised with this honour," said Erica Galea, Marketing Manager of Chemcorp International, the distributors of Real Techniques in Australia. "We loved hosting the girls in September last year for their first Australian media tour, proving Sam & Nic have a loyal following here. Real Techniques has established credibility and a strong foundation among beauty lovers in Australia within only six short years."

Review: Honestly you never understand the importance of a good range of make-up brushes… until you have them! The Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection of brushes are SO soft – I sat at my desk last week, just rubbing them on my face (without any product) as they felt luxurious and once I got home, I tried them with my favourite products and they still felt super soft and luxurious, on my face.


I'm no make-up artist but I did feel like one with these gorgeous rose-gold brushes; I do really agree that they enable even the most make-up challenged individuals to create a seamless finish. Plus they look so stunning on my bathroom bench (they work so well with my entire colour-scheme) – they are so gorgeous, I even found the motivation to clean them thoroughly after every use.


This morning I used the Tapered Blush and Arched Powder brushes and now feel like a Queen. The Arched Powder brush was perfect in the application of a setting and face powder – it distributed an even coverage of powder and I wasted 0 product (which means they pay for themselves)! The Tapered Blush is a multi-use brush (well I've decided it is) which I've used for blush, highlighter and bronzer; note: this might not be recommended but they just were so pretty, easy to use and smooth, I had to find every single use for the brushes.


What was best is they didn't shred hairs and leave them on my face… which happens way too often with brushes.

- Brooke Hunter


To celebrate the remarkable award win the RRPs of the popular Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection have been reduced, making the luxe collection much more accessible for Australian beauty lovers:

100 Arched Powder RRP $29.50
101 Triangle Foundation RRP $27.50
102 Triangle Concealer RRP $24.50

200 Oval Shadow RRP $19.50
201 Pointed Crease RRP $19.50
202 Angled Liner RRP $19.50
203 Tapered Shadow RRP $19.50

300 Tapered Blush RRP $29.50
301 Flat Contour RRP $29.50

The Real Techniques
range is available now in Priceline stores nationally.

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