Rock The Kasbah DVD

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Rock The Kasbah DVD

Cast: Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, Scott Caan, Danny McBride, Leem Lubany
Director: Barry Levinson
Genre: Comedy
Rated: M
Running Time: 102 minutes

The iconic Bill Murray (St.Vincent, The Grand Budapest Hotel) leads a stellar all-cast cast including Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense, Die Hard), Kate Hudson (Fool's Gold, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), Zooey Deschanel (New Girl, 500 Days of Summer), Scott Caan (Hawaii 5-0, Ocean's Eleven) and Danny McBrid (This Is the End, Pineapple Express) in Rock The Kasbah. This heart-warming comedy follows a washed-up music manager from California who believes he has hit the jackpot and found Afghanistan's next big music sensation.

Ancient and self-involved, rock -n' roll manager Richie Lanz (Murray) has taken his last remaining client Ronnie (Deschanel) on a tour of Afghanistan, when Ronnie decides to skip town and take Richie's wallet and passport. Finding himself dumped and stranded in war-torn Kabul, Richie suddenly discovers Salima Khan (Leem Lubany, Omar, From A To B), a Pashtun teenager with a beautiful voice and the courageous dream of becoming the first woman to compete on Afghanistan's version of American Idol.

Determined to make Salima's dream come true, Richie partners with savvy hooker Merci (Hudson), a pair of hard-partying war profiteers (McBride and Caan), and a hair-trigger mercenary (Willis) to brave dangerous cultural prejudices and manage his new protégée to become the next Afghan star.

Directed by Oscar ® award winner Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Side By Side), Rock The Kasbah is a hilarious rock -n' roll comedy about redemption, second chances and following your dreams.

Rock The Kasbah
RRP: $34.95
Blu-Ray: $39.95


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