Simone Kessell Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Interview

Simone Kessell Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Interview

Simone Kessell Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Interview

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics has teamed up with the wonderful Simone Kessell – beautiful Bondi based actress, producer, healthy living advocate and mum of two lovely little boys.

Interview with Simone Kessell

Simone Kessell is an acclaimed Australia-based actress, model and television presenter, who was born in New Zealand and has also worked and lived in the USA. She has recently been on our screens in Channel Nine's -Fat Tony & Co' will be in the upcoming film -Singularity', starring Josh Hartnett and Neve Campbell. She will shortly start filming the new series of Channel Ten's drama, Wonderland. Simone lives in Bondi NSW with her director husband and her two boys.

Simone is the new Natural Beauty Ambassador for Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics.

Question: What is your daily beauty regime?

Simone Kessell: I always cleanse morning and night. A light spritz of rose water and a light Summer Moisturizer followed with a tinted SPF 30. At night I use an oil (Rosehip) or richer moisturizer. It just feels right. I only wear foundation if I am working or going out at night. I try to keep my skin clean when I can.

Question: How do you keep fit and healthy?

Simone Kessell: I try to run 4-5 days a week. I find I have to exercise or I go a little crazy. It's my time to calm my mind. I gym it through Winter as I know I won't go running, because I'm not a fan of the cold! And I do pilates, and aerobic exercises (rowing machine, stepper and skipping). I think if you move your body for 20 minutes or more every day (or get your heart rate up) then your body and mind will work in harmony. it's about keeping strong and feeling good about yourself.

Question: What are your top tips for maintaining a natural beauty?

Simone Kessell: Maintaining a natural beauty comes from inside as well as out. When I feel tired and grumpy I always need to check in with myself and ask why. I find that the reasons are usually simple things like sleep deprivation (baby) or red wine at night and not enough water or not exercising. Once I reset my mind and go running or to the gym or even pushing the stroller up to school to pick up my son I start to look and feel better.

Natural beauty is all about knowing who you are and what makes you happy. It's about looking after your mind and your body, nourishing it with natural products and eating well. We have no excuse not to look after ourselves.

I try to always remind myself what I have, not what I don't. I think of others around the world and know I am so blessed to have my family and friends, career and health. That will usually get me through busy or stressful times.

Question: What is it you love about Ere Perez products and which are your favourite/handbag staples?

Simone Kessell: I started using Ere Perez products four years ago. I love them. I have sensitive skin and all her products work for me. I like a natural look in the day and a splash of her Real Rosehip Oil Lipbar in LIFE, followed with lashings of her Natural Almond Oil mascara make me feel like I can face anyone I run into!

Ere has nailed the bronzers and highlighters. You always look sun kissed and natural. The pigments and colors she uses are so flattering to any complexion. I love the idea that what I am putting on my face is being absorbed by my body. I feel that if I can nourish and heal my skin with beautiful natural make up then I always want to wear it.

Question: What makes Ere Perez makeup special?

Simone Kessell: I give Ere's products to my girlfriends and say: 'Just wait, it does more than make you look good, it makes you feel good and you could actually eat it if you wanted", although I then quickly add 'But don't"! We are surrounded every day by all types of pollutions, free radicals and toxins. We don't need to be putting more on our faces. And if we can get a little more than just colour from our cosmetics why wouldn't we? When you read what big cosmetic brands put into their lipsticks it just doesn't seem right to put it on your lips! When I put on a splash of Rosehip Oil Lipbar I know that I am not only healing my lips, but helping them too and I'm not putting animal fats or toxins into my body. Life is way too short for that!

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