Snow, Fire, Sword - By Sophie Masson

Snow, Fire, Sword - By Sophie Masson

A race against time to the very heart of an explosive secret... the truth about Snow, Fire and Sword.

Dewi has never ventured beyond her village in the highlands of Jayangan, where she lives a comfortable life with her father, the respected village healer. But one day while working in the rice fields, she stumbles across Adi, an apprentice sword- maker, alone and hiding from the bloodthirsty bandits who kidnapped his beloved master. Adi's sword master is not the first great craftsman to have disappeared, and Dewi learns of strange happenings in the world beyond her secluded village. Houses have been ransacked and buildings torched. Many sacred places have been destroyed, and the spirits are restless.

When Dewi's father also goes missing, she seeks the advice of the powerful tiger- people who watch over her village, but even they can see only so far through the cloud of sorcery that hangs over the kingdom. They leave her with a cryptic message: she and Adi must discover the true meaning of Snow, Fire and Sword before they can find her father and the other missing elders and reveal the truth about the danger that threatens Jayangan.

So Dewi sets off with Adi on an amazing, dangerous and terrifying journey. They will find signs to guide them, but also paths to mislead them. They will find friends to help them, but obstacles to hinder them. And all the while, a hidden, deadly enemy stalks them, shadowing their every move?

Set against the backdrop of a mythical Indonesia, in a world where magic and sorcery are an everyday reality, SNOW, FIRE, SWORD is a gripping quest that will leave fantasy fans breathless.

An unusual setting combination, with ancient mythology and modern technology thrown together. An imaginative and intriguing tale that will keep you guessing till the end.