Someday Angeline

Someday Angeline

Angeline could read before she was old enough to turn the pages of a book, and she mastered the piano without a single lesson. But being so clever doesn't make life easy for Angeline. This charming book is a quirky celebration of fathers, teachers, being yourself and finding happiness in unexpected places.

Someday, they tell her, things will be better. But for Angeline, someday can't come soon enough. Mean kids at school call her a 'genius freak', her teacher seems to dislike her and her Dad is worried about her.

But when she makes friends with a boy who tells the best jokes, and a teacher who loves tropical fish, things start to get better in some surprising ways - for all of them. With Sachar's trademark plot twists and turns and lovely humour, this novel is a delight.

Louis Sachar is the author of prize-winning and best-selling Holes. He lives in Austin, Texas where he writes his wonderful novels for young readers.

Someday Angeline
Allen & Unwin
Author: Louis Sachar
Age: 9-12
ISBN: 9780747587231
RRP: $14.95