Sweax Underarm Liners

Sweax Underarm Liners

You've slipped into your sexiest outfit, finished applying your lippie and spritzed yourself with your favourite fragrance. You're rushing for the door when you reach up to fix your hair one last time in the hallway mirror and.... You see them. Two unsightly sweat marks on your brand new silk top.

They're unattractive, embarrassing and happen to the best of us at the worst of times - on a date, in a business meeting, at your high school formal, on the crowded bus... But, thanks to Sweax™ Underarm Liners, sweat marks are a problem of the past.

Discreet and non visible, Sweax™ Underarm Liners for men and women will give you sweat free confidence all day long.

Sweax™ Underarm Liners are made from an absorbent material with a plastic, self-adhesive backing, similar to a panty liner. Sweax™ Underarm Liners absorb liquid, keeping your underarms dry and fresh and saving you the embarrassment of sweat marks, while protecting your clothing.

The adhesive glue used in Sweax™ Underarm Liners is safe for use on your most treasured items, including silk, and is completely invisible on all non-sheer fabrics. Ultra think Sweax™ Underarm Liners are soft and comfortable, allowing you to go about your business with confidence.

Simply apply to your clothing in the morning and remove and discard after use. Sweax™ Underarm Liners are available in two variations Sweax™ for women and Sweax™ for men. Sweax™ for men are wider with a slightly higher absorption rate.

Born from a lack of an attainable solution on the market, for a common and perpetual problem, Sweax™ Underarm liners were developed and created to not only eliminate the embarrassing sweat stains on clothing but also to protect a garment from sweat stains, deodorant marks & the smells acquainted with sweat, hence prolonging the life of a garment.

Sweax™ Underarm Liners RRP: $4.99 for 6 pairs of disposable liners.

Available from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacies, Franklins and Woolworths. For stockist enquiries, please call visit www.sweax.com.au

Review: Never be nervous again, there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable but at least can eliminate the after affects now of stress with sweax.