Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Every Girl in Melbourne Should Try These Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

The beauty of a girl enhances when she has a beautiful smile. Every girl out there in Melbourne will agree that wearing an ordinary dress will also look appealing when she has a smile with bright and white teeth. However, with regular coffee or soft drinks intake in teenagers, it is not possible to maintain sparkling white teeth.

There are plenty of products available for teeth whitening Melbourne. But most of the whitening products contain chemicals to bleach your teeth. If you want an attractive smile with sparkling white teeth in a natural way with no chemicals, then this article is for you. It covers some fantastic home remedies for teeth whitening that are both natural and safe.

However, before jumping to the natural remedies for getting sparkling white teeth, let us first understand what causes your teeth to become yellowish. Knowing the reasons for your teeth discolouration before implementing home remedies help you get satisfactory results. Let's begin!

What Causes Discolouration?

Let us face it that you cannot hide your yellow stained teeth. Your tooth is covered with a comfortable tooth which is white. But when that tooth wears out, it will become transparent and release the layer called "dentil" which is yellow in the shade. The enamel damages overtime only because of your habits, nutrition intake, and more. Below are listed top reasons that stained your teeth.

1. Too Much Intake of Caffeine
Whatever it is from coffee to tea, excess intake can be harmful to you. Drinking extra amount of caffeine can stain your teeth rapidly. They damage the enamel and make it stickier, which grabs meals debris to latch on. As a result, your teeth become yellowish.

2. Sugary Drinks
When you drink sugary soft drinks containing acidity and sugar, causes more harm to your teeth. However, if you still want to consume, then drink it faster than sipping it slowly and immediately rinse your mouth with water. This solution is to consider when you cannot resist and want to drink sugary drinks.

3. Smoking
It is one of the most harmful causes of your teeth decay and discolouration. Smoking damages not only your tooth but also an inner organ. It leads your teeth to yellow, and in the worst case, it leaves everlasting grey marks that you cannot eliminate, even if you try so hard. For girls, smoking creates a harmful impact in the late stages of pregnancy.

4. Brushing Right After Eating
You might think that brushing is a good habit, but the dentist suggests you not to brush just after eating. It is because the acid and sugar produced while eating weaken your teeth temporarily and at that time brushing can be harmful. Wait for an hour brush after eating and rinse your mouth after the meal to avoid stains on your teeth.

Home Remedies For Every Girl To Get Pearly White Teeth

Melbourne being the world's most liveable city, provides much beneficial oral health program for girls and woman. You will see many effective teeth whitening treatments inside the marketplace. However, not all methods can suit your budget or worth the pain. Hence, if you are seeking for cost-effective teeth whitening approaches to perform at home, then below are some of the reliable recommendations.

1. Make the mixture of baking soda and water by taking it half in portion. Once the mix is ready, pour it over your teeth before you brush. It helps you restore enamel and also able to erode the tooth.

2. Use the interior of a fruit peel either it can be banana peel or orange peel to rub your tooth. Being rich in magnesium and potassium, the peel recharges your teeth. Brush your teeth for a few minutes and use the peel as a minimum two times every week.

3. Eat crunchy greens like apples, carrot, and celery as a part of your routine diet. These fruits and vegetables are sharp and abrasive. When you eat them, they will rub towards the floor of your teeth, causing no harm. However, you can also consume a variety of milk-based products as they grow pH tiers and re-mineralize your enamel teeth, achieving a beautiful shine.

4. Rub your enamel with apple cider vinegar. After that, rinse off thoroughly and continue doing it for a few days to get the glowing white smile. Performing this may help you achieve pearly white teeth. Every girl out there must try it.

5. According to the survey, the dentist says to brush the tooth two times a day for two minutes. If you are following this ritual of brushing twice a day, then ensure your brush has smooth bristles to avoid any damage to the gum. Also, you have to consider doing flossing as it enhances all stains in your tooth, which can be removed while brushing.

Wrapping Up

Being a girl, dressing up and looking good is an essential part of life. But what if all the efforts of getting ready ruined just because of stained teeth? You will be embarrassed in front of your friends and special ones. To avoid this, it is vital to achieving sparkling white teeth. If you are looking to eliminate yellow stains on your teeth, then consider teeth whitening treatment. However, when searching online, you will find many products for getting pearly whites, but most of them include chemicals. If you want to avoid toxic usage for your teeth, then consider home remedies as mentioned above for teeth whitening.