The Circle Greenheart, Melinda Faranda

The Circle Greenheart, Melinda Faranda

The bonds of friendship. The possibilities of magic. The power of intuition. Meet the ten very different girls who make up THE CIRCLE, a spellbinding series about life, love and magic...

Cool, controlled Devi Greenheart's world is turned upside down when she discovers plans to destroy her beloved grove. Somehow, her boyfriend's power-mongering father is behind it all and, as she and the Circle desperately fight to save their sacred place, Devi becomes entangled in a dangerous web of intrigue and lies. Will she be strong enough to face the truth? Who is the enchanting boy Devi encounters in the forest and can he help her through the terrifying nightmare that sends her running for her life?

Another mystical tale in THE CIRCLE series

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The Circle Greenheart
Publisher: Random House Australia
Author: Melinda Faranda
RRP: $15.95