The Chronicles of Krangor The King in Reserve

The Chronicles of Krangor The King in Reserve

The Chronicles of Krangor: The King in Reserve

Queen Taysha's mad plan to rule all of the Saur people is tormenting the land itself. Earthquakes, volcanoes and vast crevasses are threatening to tear Krangor apart.

There is one way Adalon and his friends can halt the Queen's plans. They must rescue a young king who has eluded the Queen's clutches. But this mission is thrown into turmoil when the mysterious and terrible A'ak redouble their efforts to return from their magical banishment.

Adalon, Targesh and Simangee must rise to challenge after challenge. The fate of the world is in their claws.

Classic fantasy with a twist for 9 to 14 year olds.
Themes include friendship, loyalty, dinosaurs, fantasy, adventure and magic.
A classic fantasy quest- a young noble in exile, trusted friends, a hidden stronghold, magic and heroic deeds aplenty- but with a twist. All of the characters are dinosaurs.

Michael Pryorhas published more than twenty fantasy books and over forty short stories, from literary fiction to science fiction to slapstick humour. Michael has been shortlisted six time for the Aurealis Awards (including for Blaze of Glory and Heart of Gold), has been nominated for a Ditmar Award and longlisted for the Gold Inky award, and three of his books have been CBCA Notable Books. He is currently writing Time of Trial: The Fourth Volume of the Laws of Magic for older readers, as well as the final book in The Chronicles of Krangor series for younger readers.

The Chronicles of Krangor: The King in Reserve
Random House Australia
Author: Michael Pryor
ISBN: 9781741661811
Price: $14.95