The Collective Burn The Bright Lights Interview

The Collective Burn The Bright Lights Interview

The Collective Burn The Bright Lights Interview

The Collective's highly anticipated new single 'Burn The Bright Lights", is available now.

Trent Bell, Jayden Sierra, Julian DeVizio and Will Singe have been busy over the last year reinventing The Collective. Tapping into their inhibitions and musicianship, 'Burn The Bright Lights" is a song that manifests their passion, drive and desire to succeed.

'It really speaks to what we've been through and where we're at now," says Julian. 'The sound is more -real' and so is the passion behind it. We're hoping people will see that we've matured as a group."

'Maybe not as individuals," laughs Will.

'Burn The Bright Lights" reflects the emotional dynamic of the group themselves; The Collective have had to learn a lot more about each other as individuals and it's paid off. Whether it's Jayden's knowledge of song structure, Julian's tone and range, Will's skills as an MC, or Trent's natural leadership they combine to make something really special, resulting in a large and extremely dedicated fan base across the country.

After they placed third in the Grand Final of The X Factor 2012, The Collective released their debut Top 10 ARIA single 'Surrender" and mini album, both of which are certified Gold sales. Since then, as well as the release of their second single 'Another Life," The Collective have been hard at work, from writing and recording new music and spending time in the studio, to travelling around the country and meeting their loyal fans.

It is now time for The Collective to shine and 'Burn The Bright Lights" will enable them to do just that.

Interview with Julian DeVizio

Question: How would you describe Burn The Bright Lights?

Julian DeVizio: Burn The Bright Lights is our new single and we really wanted to get this song out to our fans and everyone around Australia because it has a great meaning behind it and I know everyone will benefit from listening to the song lyrics.

Question: What was the main inspiration behind Burn The Bright Lights?

Julian DeVizio: The song was written by Zac For who lives in America; we heard the track quite a while ago and as soon as we heard it, we wanted to record it. I remember being in studio when we recorded Burn The Bright Lights and we spent hours and hours, it was blood, sweat and tears but we really wanted to showcase the meaning of the lyrics and I think you can hear that when listening to the song.

Question: What do you hope your fans take from the track Burn The Bright Lights?

Julian DeVizio: I hope our fans can see we've grown up and evolved as a band. When we lost a member, we had to sit down and talk and work on new things. We have a new look now and our music has matured a lot and we hope that our fans will come with us on our new ride.

Question: Can you tell us a little bit about how you've been working to reinvent The Collective?

Julian DeVizio: We were together as a five piece for quite a while and we had a five-piece harmony; once Zach Russell left we had to work out who was going to do what, only being a four. However, it all clicked straight away, it wasn't really a problem, at all, for us. It was more getting together to talk about our new style, a new sound and a new way with our music.

Question: What have you learnt about each other whilst working on your new track?

Julian DeVizio: We've learnt a lot. When Zach left we became a lot closer and we've learnt a lot more about each other, I'd say we're the closest we've ever been right now and I think you can tell that by the song we've released.

Question: What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

Julian DeVizio: We all listen to different artists. I listen for an R&B vibe such as Chris Brown or Jay-Z and I enjoy most of the music played on the radio including light dance music. I try to listen to rock, we're all different with our music tastes but it's cool because we all bring it together, as a group.

Question: What's next for you guys?

Julian DeVizio: At the moment we're still working on Burn The Bright Lights. Hopefully everything goes well and then we can get back in the studio to bring out some new music, we have a couple of demos we really want to cut.

We're currently doing in-store appearances, we've done one in Melbourne which was good and we have another coming up in Sydney on Saturday June 7th at Liverpool Westfield at 12pm.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Julian DeVizio: Both are very different. In the studio you get as many takes as you need and you are able to warm up and then nail the song, you don't need to nail it in one take whereas being live you've only got one shot! In saying that I think I prefer singing live because you have the crowd there to cheer you on and I enjoy singing to people. When I'm in the studio, I have to think about someone or something to be able to get the lyrics across.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you now?

Julian DeVizio: As we've just released the single, Burn The Bright Lights we are doing a lot of publicity. We were on the Today Show (which was really early) and then we are doing interviews and in-store appearances. I think we have Sunday off and then on Monday we will be in the studio, writing. It's very busy but this is the best time for us, we love this part.

Question: What do you do on your day off?

Julian DeVizio: Most probably have a sleep in (laughs)! Relax and we may head out together because when we're together during this time we're so busy doing different things. We like to play sport, together, on a Sunday as it takes our mind off things and we get to relax, for a little bit.

Question: What has been your favourite part of becoming a music artist?

Julian DeVizio: I really like travelling, doing interviews and meeting fans. I also really like living in hotel rooms, I don't know why, I find it really cool (laughs). Travelling and meeting fans is great especially because I can express my music to people around the country.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Julian DeVizio: Wow! That's tough because there are so many artists that I'd like to work with. As a group, we'd like to collaborate with a girl band like Little Mix – that would be really cool and I don't think anyone has done that, for quite a while.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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