The Icky Sticky Snot and Blood Book

The Icky Sticky Snot and Blood Book

The Icky, Sticky Snot and Blood Book

This is snot just any old book about the human body... this is a gorgeously gross pop-up book about breathing, blood and bogeys!

Everyone knows where snot comes from, but why's it there and what's it for? Dig deep (inside this book, of course!) and discover heaps of fantastic facts, figures and the finer point about our bodies.

This irreverent pop-up guide is a fascinatingly fun read for any child. It's a fantastic companion for anyone studying science- especially breathing, respiration and how blood circulates round the body.

Children will love the cover, complete with a squishy, snot-pumping nose... ew!

  • Children's Non-Fiction (ages 5+)
  • The Brilliant sequel to The Gooey Chewy Rumble Plop Book.
  • Gross facts about human respiration- blood and snot.
  • Complements science studies of 'life processes and living things'.
  • Interactive pop-up format is an excellent, commercial format for home learning.

    Steve Alton studied Biology at the University of York. Having a lifelong love of natural history, he worked in conservation, managing nature reserves in Nottinghamshire for many years.

    Steve lives in Sussex with his wife and two children, and works closely with several local schools. His interactive web-based teaching tool won third prize in the European eLearning Awards with 800 entries from 30 countries.

    Review: While revoluting to parents, kids love books like this and think they are hilarious.

    The Icky, Sticky Snot and Blood Book
    Random House Australia
    Author: Steve Alton
    ISBN: 9780310329758
    Price: $34.95

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