The X Factor Live Tour 2013

The X Factor Live Tour 2013

The X Factor Live Tour 2013

Tin Roof Touring is delighted to announce what The X Factor fans have been waiting for, The sensational lineup for The X Factor Live Tour 2013!

The live tour will showcase the most loved and talented performers from the 2012 series in a live arena show. For the first time ever, The X Factor's 2012 grand final winner and the other top six finalists will get the live tour experience and the opportunity to perform and get up close and personal with their fans.

The tour kicks off in the Gold Coast on January 8th, traveling down to Melbourne, then across the Tasman to Hobart before hitting Adelaide and Perth, with a huge finale planned for Sydney's Hordern Pavillion on 18th January.

The X Factor Live Tour promises an entertainment spectacular for the whole family, drawing on the production elements and stunning stage and set design that have made The X-Factor one of the most visually impressive television programs to grace Australian television screens. The artists will perform a selection of the most-loved songs from their time on the program. Fans will be delighted with the inclusion of the 'X-Pit", a standing area where they can dance and enjoy seeing their favourite finalists live

Australia's favourite TV show regularly attracts more than 1.5 million viewers per episode and has discovered some of the biggest stars in the country. Reece Mastin, Johnny Ruffo, and Andrew Wishart are just some of the performers who have become household names after appearing on The X Factor.

The X Factor Live Tour 2013
Tuesday 8th of January: Jupiters Theatre, Gold Coast:
Friday 11th of January: Festival Hall, Melbourne:
Sunday 13th of January: Derwent Entertainment Centre, Hobart:
Tuesday 15th of January: Adelaide Entertainment Centre Arena, Adelaide:
Wednesday 16th of January: Challenge Arena Stadium, Perth:
Friday 18th of January: Hordern Pavilion, Sydney:

The X Factor Live Tour 2013 Performer Lineup
Bella Ferraro, 18, Sydney
Left school in Year 12 to find out what she wanted to do
Auditioned for The X Factor after seeing the success of One Direction in the UK
Started singing as a child and has been part of the Australian Girls' Choir since the age of five
As part of the choir, she has performed at Carols in the Domain and Oprah's Australian tour
Lives with her mother, stepfather and younger brother

Jason Owen, 18, Dubbo
Grew up in a New South Wales town called Albert with a population of 12 people
Currently works in the family fuel business and learning the ropes to take over from his Dad
Sang as a boy and grew up, as an only child, listening to his parent's records like John Denver and Smokey Robinson
Joined the school choir in Year 5 but never had a real singing lesson
Performs in local pubs and clubs and the Tamworth Country Music Festival
Saved his father after a car crash where they hit a kangaroo. His father fell into a coma so Jason covered him with his body tokeep him warm. They were eventually rescued by a passing by truck

Nathaniel Willemse, 25, Melbourne Born in South Africa, Nathaniel moved to Australia when he was six
Sang all his life at school and in the church choir
Tried out for Australian Idol when he was 21 and made it to the Top 24
After Idol, he didn't want to go on another performance show but is now ready to give it another shot
Is currently a vocal coach and a wedding singer

Samantha Jade, 25, Sydney Originally from Perth, Samantha has recently moved to Sydney to make music her main priority
At 15, a family friend sent her demo to a producer in LA who flew her and her family to Hollywood
Two years later, she was signed to Jive Records and recorded demo tracks with some of her idols. But after three years, her single was never released and her deal was shelved.
She couldn't get a new record deal so after struggling for years in LA, she moved back to Australia
Worked for her Father before deciding to move to Sydney where she's now a makeup artist while gigging
Has a long distance relationship with her boyfriend of six years who lives in LA

Shiane Hawke, 14, Darwin
Born in Sydney but raised in Darwin
Born with club feet on both feet. Had them turned around at six months and had over 20 operations as a child to fix them
Always loved singing and has sung the national anthem for Kevin Rudd
Taught herself to play the piano and has been taking singing lessons for the past few years
Performed at local talent shows in Darwin where she's received two -Touchdowns' from Mark Holden
Lives with her mother and father

-The Collective' Jayden Sierra, 17, Sydney
Julian Devezio, 17, Adelaide
Wil Singe, 19, Sydney
Trent Bell, 21, Brisbane
Zach Russell, 22, Rockhampton

Came together at Boot Camp where the judges created a -Super Group' of individual contestants
Jayden has been performing for years and has taken part in two seasons of Opera Australia. Jayden was also into soccer but chose music over sport which caused him some grief from kids at school
Julian started singing at six and has been part of the school choir and various accapella groups
Wil is a returnee to The X Factor. Made it to Guy'sBoot Camp last year. Wil is a singer/songwriter but works in a bank to make money
Trent has been to The X Factor three times. The first year, he made it to Boot Camp then last year all the way to the end of Guy's Home Visit. This year, he has made the Top 12 in the -Super Group'. Trent works in retail and has spent the last year in vocal training and speech therapy
Zach and his older brother Aaron both auditioned for this year's X Factor. Aaron didn't make it past Boot Camp but Zach was selected to be part of the judges -Super Group'. Zach currently works for his father's courier company. He has always felt that he was in the shadows of his older brother Aaron who was very popular. It wasn't until Zach started singing that he gained his confidence