Total Drama World Tour Collection 1DVD

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Total Drama World Tour Collection 1 DVD

Genre: Kids and Family
Rated: PG
Running Time: 338 minutes

Just When You Thought The Drama Couldn't Get Any More Dramatic...

Duncan and Beth have only just finished battling it out for the ultimate grand prize on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION. They're tired. They're famous. They're done like dinner.

Or are they?

15 lucky contestants are in for one more round of drama – and this time, it's WORLD WIDE! That's right – we're taking the drama global! They'll sing, dance and battle it out in outrageous challenges set all around the globe... and in the end, only one will emerge victorious in the MOST dramatic finish in Total Drama History! Some of our fave players will return, singing and dancing their way across the globe to a new and more-dramatic-than-ever finish line.

Total Drama World Tour Collection 1
RRP: $19.95


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