Winter Beauty

What's not to love about winter? Our noses are attractively Rudolph red raw, our skin is the texture of Godzilla's and we gorge ourselves on comfort food then hide under layers and layers of clothes. What happened to the glowing, luscious babes we exfoliated and fake tanned ourselves into during the previous summer? Never fear, winter needn't herald the beginning of the end of looking like a goddess. All that's required is a little tweaking of our beauty routines to suit the elements, and breath a sigh of relief.

Braving the biting cold winds then moving into a heated environment has a massive drying effect on the skin. Exfoliating is important to remove layers of dead skin, allowing new skin cells to emerge. Using a loofer on the arms, back and legs in the shower several times a week can assure softer skin. Facial skin is more delicate and shouldn't be exfoliated more than twice a week, using a gentle product.

Moisturising after cleansing (at morning and night) with a hydrating moisturiser is vital to keep your skin glowing and smooth. In the cooler months, it pays to switch to a slightly richer moisturiser to combat the ravaging effects of the cold, drying winds and central heating. Don't forget the backs of your hands and the décolletage; these areas are one of the first to show signs of ageing.

Be sure to get your 6-8 glasses of water a day in the cooler months because hydrating from the inside out is as vital in winter as it is in summer. Not a fan of drinking cold water when the temperature drops? Add a slice of lemon to warm water for a drink that is not only refreshing, but acts as a liver cleanser as well.

Hair Care
Your skin isn't the only victim to drying winds and heaters. Hair can look dull and lifeless in winter and applying a hair treatment each week can combat this. Try the Body Shop's Palmshine range for Katie Holmes style shine.

Ward off the dreaded cold and flu by ensuring your intake of Vitamin C is adequate. Although obviously best in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables, supplements will assist your body if you are lacking in vital vitamins. If you do fall victim to the dreaded runny nose, pop some Echinacea (avoid if asthmatic) and use the new Kleenex tissues infused with lanolin to banish a flaky snozz.

Quick tricks
o To transform pallid and pasty skin into "just been to Bali glow", sparingly sweep bronzing shimmer crème or powder over the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and on the forehead (in fact, anywhere the sun would naturally hit the face).

o The Body Shop's Mango Body Butter is a rich and deliciously scented moisturiser that will have you dreaming of summer in no time.

o Caught out with flyaway frizzy ends? Rub a tiny amount of moisturiser in your palms and smooth in the offending ends. The result? Tamer tresses.

- Rachael


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