Best Makeup Tutorial: A Complete Guide

Best Makeup Tutorial: A Complete Guide

Best Makeup Tutorial: A Complete Guide

Everyone deals with a skin imperfection all the time. Some people get a permanent solution. Some skin imperfections, on the other hand, simply need a skilful way of covering up, with makeup of course. With so many products in the market available though, choices may be plenty but it has just become much harder to manage your skin, including your cosmetics.

A step-by-step guide on applying makeup

With a cosmetic bag that's bursting all the time with so many products inside, admit it, sometimes you don't even know why you own a product or, often tend to use a product a few times and then completely forget about it. Here is a lean and mean makeup tutorial that allows you to get a jaw dropping makeup finish that requires you to use the fewest products possible.

1: Maintain a healthy, blemish-free skin.
A great makeup can only be possible with clear, smooth and supple skin. Make sure to strictly follow a daily and nightly skincare regimen that is appropriate for your skin type and your age. Keep your skin looking great by cleansing, toning and moisturizing. When you have less imperfections to cover up, you'll need less makeup.

2: Perfect your skin complexion.
These days, it's not unusual to find products that work in three or four ways in just one application " a foundation, concealer, moisturizer and sunscreen infused in one bottle. It's a wonderful, often lightweight and inexpensive product to have if you don't have major skin issues like very darkly pigmented under eye bags.

In which case, you may need several concealers to get your complexion right. Take note, there is a contrasting color concealer for every problematic skin mark. For instance, purplish under eye bags can be corrected with a salmon concealer. Use a concealer brush to apply the products mentioned in this step for better coverage and to better incorporate the product into your skin.

3: Fill in your eyebrows.
Avoid lining your eyebrows in one stroke which makes your look appear severe and old. Get bushy by using a soft-tipped eyebrow pencil. Only if you have oily skin must you consider the longer staying on power of eyebrow gels. Still, top these with an eyebrow pencil to soften your facial appearance.

4: Color you eyelids.
Color them nude on regular days or for more naturally flawless look. If you want to add sophistication and definition, line your upper and lower eyelids with eyeliner. Thicken it to a cat's eye for evening makeup. You may further wish to add gradient using either nude shades or get smoky eyes with darker blacks and blues in either matte or metallic colors.

5: Color your cheeks.
Add a blush using your broad brush to give yourself a naturally blooming complexion. Roll the brush to keep the product from concentrating on just one area of your cheeks.

6: Line and fill in your lips.
Outline your lips with a nude lip liner then fill in. Fill on the outer side of your natural lip line to get fuller, chunkier pout. Top with the color of your choice. Instantly matte any silky or creamy lip color by powdering off with loose powder.

7: Clear up your face completely at the end of the day.
Get wonderful, flawless skin again the day after by ridding your skin of makeup residue. Use an oil-based makeup remover to wipe off stubborn, waterproof makeup. Cleanse with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. Tone, moisturize and regenerate before you hit the sheets!

Beautiful, flawless skin can be achieved with a little knowledge on how to makeup for face imperfections. Nevertheless, no tutorial that shows how to makeup for face can ever substitute for a naturally radiant and clear skin.

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