Bianca Cheah's Top 3 Secrets to a Healthy White Smile

Bianca Cheah's Top 3 Secrets to a Healthy White Smile

Bianca Cheah's Top 3 Secrets to a Healthy White Smile

From a young age, health influencer and Sportluxe Founder Bianca Cheah has always looked after her teeth but she's the first to admit that she has a sweet tooth. She loves ice cream but avoids eating it as she has super sensitive teeth. As a matter of fact, when anything cold hits her front teeth her face screws up like a little pug (yes, really!) and her nerves start screaming. Caring for her sensitive teeth is a top priority.


Bianca has provided her top 3 tips for a healthy smile:

1. I set aside 5 mins every morning and night to brush and floss my teeth. Without fail, I brush and floss my teeth every morning and every night, the key is the technique and time, I give myself five minutes and I think it's worth every minute. I love giving my teeth (and gums) a proper floss and I brush twice daily with my Sensodyne True White Toothpaste, which relives the pain associated with my sensitive teeth while keeping my teeth clean (I love a multi - tasker). I'm proud of my teeth and want to care for them as much as I can.

2. I rinse my mouth ou t with water as much as I can I drink water after everything that goes in my mouth. I know you're probably thinking 'yeah, whatever, she always drinks water"... but, think of water as a natural mouth wash. Imagine sipping on a glass of red wine and what that wine does to your teeth - it will eventually stain the teeth, right? Sipping on water whilst you're drinking wine, or even flushing your mouth out afterwards, will help to break the wine down in your mouth and minimize the staining. Think of this with everything you pop in your mouth, even food!

3. I always use a hydrating lip balm If you look in my day-to-day handbag, you'll find about five or so varieties of lip balm. I can't leave the house without them. Glossy, plump lips are the perfect frame to hea lthy white teeth. Plus, balms with a reddish tint not only add a touch of glamour to my look they also make my teeth look whiter...and who doesn't want that!

Australia's Secret To A Healthy White Smile

Until now, the 50% of Australians who suffer with sensitive teeth had to compromise their comfort to get a healthy white smile. Offering a one-paste solution, Sensodyne®, sensitivity experts, recently launched Sensodyne® True White, a unique, ultra-low-abrasive toothpaste designed to treat sensitivity and gently whit en teeth with twice-daily brushing.

With sodium tripolyphosphate to help gently remove and prevent external tooth stains, Sensodyne® True White helps restore the true white of sensitive teeth, while minimising the wear that other more abrasive whitening toothpastes may cause.

One in two Australian adults experience sensitive teeth.
Sensitivity occurs when the surface under the outer enamel becomes exposed.
Surprisingly, many people with sensitivity ignore their symptoms and accept the pain as a part of their life in order to maintain a white smile

Joy Delis, Head of Marketing, Oral Health said, 'By switching between a desensitising toothpaste and an everyday whitening toothpaste, sensitivity sufferers could be losing their sensitivity relief and increasing wear on the sensitive areas of their teeth.

"Many everyday whitening toothpastes have an abrasive action. Sensodyne True White is ten times less abrasive than many of the best-selling everyday whitening toothpastes.

Sensodyne® True White can help to relieve sensitivity pain, while helping to gently lift and prevent tooth stains.

Exposed dentine, which can be up to ten times softer than the outer enamel, is more susceptible than enamel to abrasive wear.

'With Sensodyne® True White, people with sensitive teeth do not have to choose between sensitivity relief and a whiter smile – they can have both in an ultra-low-abrasive toothpaste," said Joy Delis.

Sensodyne® True White is specially designed to help provide expert care for sensitive teeth. Sensodyne® True White is available in Mint and Extra Fresh flavours.

With twice daily brushing, it helps to relieve sensitivity and whiten teeth while helping to keep gums healthy and freshen breath.

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